The MBS On-line Profile Viewer was developed to help employees continue to practice and develop their relationship skills that they learned in the Management By Strengths course. If you have any questions about this software, or the MBS program in general, please contact our offices at (913) 393-2525 or by email.  We would also very much appreciate any suggestions that you might have regarding features that we could add to make the Profile Viewer more useful. This is a link to a more mobile friendly version.

1. MBS Profile Report Look Up:

This program allows you to view the color coded grid and the MBS Profile Description for any employee who has completed the MBS Survey.  This is also where you can reprint a person's complete MBS Profile Report, including the supplementary pages discussing the Self, Adjustment and Role Profiles.

2. MBS Profile Comparison:

This program allows you to choose 2 people and create an MBS Profile Comparison.  The Profile Comparison displays the colored grids for both people as well as provides practical suggestions on how Person #1 can best work with Person #2.  Then, by clicking on a link, the comparison can be reversed to give suggestions on how Person #2 can best work with Person #1.
  • The manual option, using the Comparison Code provided in the follow-up email or by knowing the 4 coordinates of a person's Self Profile, a Profile Comparison can be created.  This is especially useful for family members whose name's do not appear in the on-line database.

  • MBS Profile Focus creates a list of 1-4 people for whom you would like suggestions on how to best communicate.

3. MBS Multiple Grid Viewer:

This program allows you to create a color coded page showing the grids for up to 54 people.   This is a valuable tool for work groups, managers, and groups of people that interact on a regular basis.  As with all of the Profile Viewer pages, you can print this page directly from your browser and then at a glance know the best way to work with each person.

4. MBS Composite Profile:

This program allows you to create an over all Composite Profile of everyone in your company, of your top sales people, your service department, etc. Identify common traits that will help you hire the right people as well as foster a productive work environment.

5. Alphabetical Employee List:

This program allows you to create an alphabetical listing of everyone in your company's data file.  It also provides a way of editing the data file, removing the names of people no longer with the company.

6. MBS Administrative Tools

Order Name Badges

You are of course still welcome to submit orders via fax or email.  Example Badges

Remove NonEmployees

Name Changes / Corrections

Print the MBS Survey

Print or download a .pdf version of the MBS Survey.

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